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Our Company, Multi Health Community Center is a small business that provided mental care services to the Oakland Park Community in the state of Florida. We coordinated services through a violence prevention and intervention services...
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Services for Adult

    This section explains some of the services available to adults from Multi Health...

Services for Children

MHCC offers services for children. Please contact the office for more information. Family Skills Training...

Services for Families

Crisis Interventions Are unscheduled individual or group services aimed at reducing or eliminating the impact...

Bariatric Services

Are You A Candidate for Bariatric Surgery? To help determine who is a good candidate...

Other Services

Emotional Support Animal Letter The purpose of an emotional support animal letter is to make...

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"My therapist. She helps me with my shame and guilt for my mental issues. Does not judge me and helps me to be more positive about the progress I have and to set goals."

Clemente Garcia

"The work ordered day gives my life meaning. It gives me something meaningful and fulfilling to do with my life. Before clubhouse I was sedentary and lifeless. The work ordered day now gives me something..."

Marta Sanchez

"Case management has gotten me through some rough patches I would have struggled with otherwise. She always has lots of ideas & tips too."

Hortencia Borges

"Nurses, doctors, and case managers working together to help me with resources and working strongly to help me overcome the loss of my marriage."

Osmany Becerra


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