Welcome to Multi Health Community Center

Our Company, Multi Health Community Center is a small business that provided mental care services to the Oakland Park Community in the state of Florida. We coordinated services through a violence prevention and intervention services program named: Enrichment Family Program which is geared toward increasing the safety of victims and reducing the potential for further violence.

We are committed to assisting victims of sexual and domestic crimes providing a multidisciplinary mental care service and by serving as a liaison to community agencies and the criminal justice system, while also offering assistance and guidance to victims.

Child sexual abuse It is more common than many people think, and its effects can be devastating. Victims of sexual abuse can be girls or boys of any age. The abuse can cause serious and long-lasting psychological harm and many times leads to shattered families.

Multi Health Community Center will uses this funding for the provision of counseling and supportive services to the eligible victims.

Please contact our if you are interest to make an agreement with us for the referrals of the victims. We are committed with our community of Broward County, specially with the crime victims.